• Water Strider Stripping Apron


    Water Strider Stripping Apron

    You should always use our stripping apron like a stripping basket when you're  floating and fly fishing in your raft. Our stripping apron stripping basket has one major advantage over other systems - the front and rear edges of the apron have a two inch high lip sewn in so the edges of the apron stand up vertically, preventing fly line from slipping off into the water around your legs. It acts as a stripping basket for your fly line. Now the stripping apron has a 36" measure on it so you can tell exactly how long your fish is.  No more "fish tales" you can snap a photo of the fish along side the measure. Clearly a vast improvement over other products and sure to make your float fishing a lot more fun. Even if you don't fly fish, it's handy for spreading out a big lunch if you're too lazy to get off the water.

    Included with new raft purchase!

    Item Name: Water Strider Stripping Apron
    Shipping weight: 1 lb.
    Price: $44.95