• K-20 High Pressure SUP Pump with air Gauge


    K Pump K-20 High Pressure “SUP”
    (Stand up paddle board) pump.

    The all new K-20 will solve most of the high pressure pump problems. It will be great for inflatable raft floors, large Kites and all inflatable SUP, Stand Up Paddle Boards. It is super easy to achieve PSI up to 25 lbs. This is a true two-stage pump with a high volume (low pressure) mode that helps shape up your unit quickly. This high volume mode starts to stall out at around 6 PSI, then with a simple twist of the wrist you switch to the high pressure mode that is very easy to stroke yet capable of achieving those high pressures easily

    Item Name:  New K Pump K-20 Pump with Pressure Gauge
    Shipping weight:  3 lbs.
    Price:  $129.95