Water Strider Fishing Craft! Testimonials and Pictures


    With a Water Strider you can Grab it and Go, light weight, high performance fishing boat that will change the way you go fishing.

    Top 5 Points:

    1. Grab –n-Go convenience:  The boat weigh is only 18.6 pounds and it comes in it’s own backpack. You can even hitch a ride with it.

    2. High Performance:  Super nimble and easy to row or fin. You have full control and can even row back up stream along the edge in the slower water.

    3. Gets easy access to thousands of the best rarely used spots:  You no longer have to use boat launches, trailer, guides or a partner to row the boat.

    4. Go when and where the fish are biting:  Let the fishing dictate when and where you go. Have complete freedom.

    5. Travel to Exotic Places cheap: You no longer have to rent a boat and guide to get to the best fishing; Take trips anywhere like Alaska, New Zealand, British Columbia and Montana Rivers.
    Every new Water Strider raft now comes standard with:

    •       3 Piece HD Oars with Storage Bag
    •       Inflatable back rest
    •       Model K 100 hand pump
    •       Heavy Duty Waterproof Dry Bag
    •        Stripping Apron
    •       Patch kit 
    •       New Roll Up Instructions
    •       Quick Release Fins