Water Strider Expedition Dry Bag


Water Strider Expedition Waterproof Dry Bag BACKPACK 
Comes standard with any new Water Strider raft and is essential gear for anyone doing serious floating . Our dry bag is as good as or better than any bag on the market.  You may want several to  protect your extra gear like your tent, food, sleeping bag  and other equipment..
Item Name: Expedition Waterproof Dry Bag
Shipping weight: 4 lbs.
Price: $135.00

Our Expedition Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack is a  true waterproof dry bag that will seal water out.  Roll the bag top three times to close, clip and tighten the straps and you are ready to go. The bag has padded back pack straps so you can hike in to your favorite river or lake.  Compression straps on the sides compress the bag's contents. Constructed from 8 ounce PVC with welded seams and ribbed top closure.  Clips and straps are rust

 The bag has approximately 6 cubic feet of capacity to carry your gear: waders, wading shoes, fishing vest, fins, tent, sleeping bag, food, you name it.
 Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack
  Note: You can attach the oar bag to the outside of your Expedition Dry Bag.   When you're flying someplace you need to store the oars on the inside to prevent them from catching on conveyor belts at the airport.

 Our Expedition Dry Bag Backpack design makes an oval shape.  When you load your dry bag on the front of the kickboat two things happen
•  One - When placed on the front of the boat the oval design provides more visibility over the top
•  Two - Adding weight to the bow of your Water Strider allows you to float through white water rapids better. Extra weight on the bow holds the Water Strider's bow down better and actually makes the boat easier to maneuver in fast water.
 weight=2 3/4 lbs., size=42" x 20"x 12" Holds approximately 6 cubic feet of gear.