• Drift Anchor



    •Slow down the boats drift rate to maintain fish ability
    •Change the boat’s posture in relation to waves or target fishing areas
    •Allow for a more stable fishing platform by reducing extreme boat bounce and pitch
    •Compensate for current or work with the current to position the boat
    •Constructed of heavy-duty PVC coated nylon
    •Tight-weave nylon straps and dump line
    •Opens and retrieves the water quickly
     Tough, yet lightweight and extremely portable
    •Convenient carrying case

    A. Tie one end of an 8’ harness buoy rope to the harness handle of the Drift Anchor secure the other end of the harness buoy rope to the boat. Drop the Drift anchor into the water

    B. To retrieve, pull the red dump line and the Drift Anchor in. Dump the remaining water using the dump handle at the end of the Drift Anchor

    C.  To slow down the trolling speed or cut boat bounce on windy days, run one or two Drift Anchors from the bow.

    D. When drifting flats, you can rig and use 2 Drift Anchors to keep the boat in good posture
     The 50’ Rope with Float is a great item to add to the Drift anchor. It only takes 8 “ of rope to use the Drift anchor in one position but if you want to attach it in two areas you can cut and tie it on in several areas for the right drift angle. Get some small carabineers to attach to the rope and clip to the D-Rings.

      Drift Anchor Additional Information
    The Drift Anchor is ideal for Belly Boaters, Float Tubes and Pontoon Boats. It will also work well with small boats under 18’ long. If you are going to use it on boats of 12-18 feet long it would be advised to carry 2 if the wind is strong.
    The Water Strider Drift Anchor is ideal to slow the drift down on windy days while fishing a lake or still water eddies and lagoons. Weather you are fishing lakes in New Zealand, Montana or in your own area it is a great aid to slow the drift down. I like to use an 8’ section of rope and just hang it out the back with the wind blowing over my shoulder and use my fins to maintain the proper angle to fish. If you want to drift sideways to the wind just attach it to one of the d-rings on the handle assemblies. With all Water Strider products I always try to make them functional, durable and as light as possible. The Water Strider Drift Anchor fit all of these requirements. The Drift Anchor comes in a vinyl zipper bag so it lays flat in the bag and carries any place you go and you always have it when you need it. The Drift Anchor weigh is only 10 ounces.

    Item Name: Drift Anchor
    Shipping weight: 1 lb.
    Price: $24.95