Water Strider Bolt Action Rod Holder


Water Strider BOLT ACTION Raft Rod Holder 
 New Model! Works either left or right handed. 
Dave's Bolt Action Raft Rod Holder is designed for to work for you in several ways and still be compact.

 The Bolt Action Rod Holder mounts on the inside or the outside of the Water Strider raft just in front of the handle of the oar when the oar is laying flat to the side of the air tube. This keeps the rod out of the way when you want to row.

 The Bolt Action Rod Holder has two straps that hold it at a 45 degree angle pointing forward out over the bow of the Water Strider raft. This allows you to place the rod in the holder and row backwards at an angle towards shore or to shallower water - even with a fish on. 

 The reel handle is in easy reach to wind in line or adjust your drag setting while rowing. This helps when you have a big fish on and want to stand up to fight and land the fish. If you're rowing across a lake you can also troll while rowing. The Water Strider Bolt Action Rod Holder is small, light, secure and very effective. It fits into the raft pack bag without taking up any hardly any space.

 12" long x 2" diameter

 NOTE: If you need two rod holders click the Add To Cart  button twice.

 Item Name: Bolt Action Rod Holder
 Shipping weight: 2 lbs.
Price: $24.95