Water Strider Anchor System



 We have designed this system so you can anchor in still water pools or in slow water so that when fishing over larger fish such as Stripped Bass, Salmon and Steelhead you can drop anchor and clip the rope to the d-ring by the right or left handle to hold in position. This also will work well when you have a pod of rising trout in front of you and you don't want to run over them and spook them. You can just  unclip the system from the d-ring and drop it over the side and the anchor will hold in position and the float will be visible when you row back to get set up again. The heavy anchor it self is not provided. You can select that your self to fit the situation. The heavy duty bucket will hold rocks and can be dumped out when not needed.

 Water Strider Anchor System:

•1 Heavy Duty Bucket holds 3 gallons

•50 foot solid braid anchor Rope with HD Clip that hooks to the bucket

•1 plastic HD clip to attach to the D-ring

•1 Red and White Plastic Float

Item Name: Water Strider Anchor System
Shipping weight: 3 lb.
Price: $69.95