• Voyager Travel Duffle Bag


    The Voyager is the way to pack and carry your Water Strider. Everything fits in the bag with room to spare. Now you can travel and always have your Water Strider with you!!
     The voyager features PVC reinforced polyester and is one of the only bags under 36 inches with three inline skate wheels allowing it to pack more weight than a standard duffle. This duffle meets check-in requirements and is a great check-in, car travel or large sports bag.


    Cinch Down Straps:  Prevent your things from sliding to the bottom
    (2 outside straps and 2 straps inside the main pocket)

    Meets Check-In Requirements:  62 linear Inches

    Durable:  Reinforced polyester plus full length skid rails make this bag very tear resistant

    Quiet and Stable:  3 inline skate wheels glide steadily even under heavy conditions

    Organization:  Large compartment packs big items, while three side pockets help organize all
    of your smaller items

    Easy Storage:  Store it under your bed. Duffle collapses to 4 inches (30" x 14" x 4 ")

    Telescopic Handle:  Extends 16" for easy pulling


    Dimensions:  External 32" x 16" x 14" (main pocket - 30" x 14" x 14") - 62 Linear Inches

    Capacity:  6,528 Cubic Inches (107 Liters)

    Bag Weight:  9 lbs

    Material:  Reinforced Polyester

    4 Pockets:  One main and three small pockets

    Color:  Red

    5 Year Warranty:  Manufacturer warranty against defects.

    Item Name: Voyager Duffle Bag
    Price: $69.95
    Shipping Weight: 9 pounds