• Large Measure Net with Telescoping Handle


    NEW ! - The Measure Net
    Large Telescoping Handle

    The all new Measure Net is a perfect addition the Water Strider. The telescoping handle allows you to reach out that extra distance to slip a big fish into the net. The rubber net it wonderful. Now your fly won't get hooked in the net bag and the fish don't flop around in the net. It has a great rubber handle that floats and it also has a loop on the end of the handle to attach it to the Water Strider.  coated net bag.The net bag zips on and is very easy to remove and change. All you have to do to measure your catch is look into the bag and just add the number at the head and the tail together and you have the exact length. Example, 10 at the head and 8 at the tail and you have an 18" fish. If you use barbless hooks you won't have to even touch the fish.

    • Full Length: 42"

    • Collapsed Length: 33.5"

    • Net Length: 18"

    • Fish Length: 32"

      Measures up to 28 inches, Telescopic handle

    Item Name:  The Measure Net - Large Telescoping Handle
    Shipping Weight:  2.5 lbs.
    Price:  $44.00