PT 4000 SPECS

    This unique looking hand torch features a slim design allowing for easy portability. Ignites instantly with a press of the Quick-Start ignition ball located at the rear of the torch. 6 X 3/4" dia.  refillable.
    Weight: 2 oz.
    Burn Time
    30 Minutes
    Flame Length:
    ¾” - 2 inches”
    Ignition Ball
    Gas Capacity:
    4 grams

    IDEAL FOR Dental/Lab work, Optical, Jewelry and Electronic repair and all professional repair shop jobs.

    The micro pocket torch is the neatest, handiest most powerful "lighter" you can have. It really is a miniature torch! Perfect for lighting the fuel in your Kelly Kettle or starting any type of fire you might need. Don't burn your fingers with one of those cheap throwaway butane lighters. The  Pencil Torch - PT 4000 is definitely what you'll want every time you need an instant, sustained flame!

    We love to use the PT 4000 to fire up our Kelly Kettle to heat water for our drink and food.  It really makes a quick fire and will start about 100 fires on a load of fuel.