• Tear-Air Type A or Type B Repair Kit


    Tear-Aid® repair patches contain a high performance adhesive pre-applied to a rugged polyurethane backing that allows a tear to recover under pressure.  These revolutionary new patches have some of the most advanced adhesives produced.  TEAR-AID® repair patches have excellent durability against puncture, moisture, saltwater, sunlight and temperature.

    • Holds air under pressure even when stretched

    • See-thru patch works with all colors

    • Conforms to irregular surfaces

    • Won't turn gummy in high heat

    • UV resistance inhibits discoloring

    • Cuts easily to any size with scissors

    • Won't pull off when stretched

    Great for raft repair, waders, tents, air mattresses, tarps, you name it!  Dave says" This is the best all around patch kit I have ever used."

    Each TEAR-AID® Repair Patch Kit contains one 3 inch x 12 inch patch (cuts with scissors to any size), one 7/8 inch x 7/8 inch patch, one 1 3/8 inch x 1 3/8 inch patch, 36 inches reinforcement filament and two alcohol prep pads.

    Type A is for repairs on most fabrics:  Canvas, Rubber & Neoprene, Most Plastics, Nylon, Fiberglass, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polyurethane, Non-Oiled Leather, Sunbrella®.  Use Type A for raft repair.

    Item Name: Tear-Air Type A Repair Kit
    Shipping Weight 1 pound
    Price: $9.95

    Type B is for repairs on Vinyl and Vinyl-Coated
    Materials only.

    Item Name: Tear-Aid Type B Repair Kit
    Shipping Weight 1 pound
    Price: $9.95