Now a food and drink container with lid and foon (spoon/fork) Halulite Minimalist will fit inside the large Kelly Kettle with room for food and or drink in the cup. Just remove the fire box and insert the unit up inside the Kelly Kettle and then insert the fire box for a complete compact unit. The cover is also removable and can heat food or drink on top of the Kelly Kettles by using the pot holder ($9.00).
Ultimate ultra light design integrates everything you need for hot meals and warm drinks in an impossibly small footprint. Convenient silicone pot gripper attaches magnetically to fuel canister while cooking so it’s always at hand. Unique 0.6 L pot and lid boil water for pouch meals before transforming into an insulated mug by simply inverting the lid and slipping the pot into its included sleeve. Insulating sleee keeps drinks warm and helps to reduce soot and char on your clothes.

Item Name: Halulite Minimalist
Shipping weight 1 Lbs