• MB 80 C air pump with battery clamps


    New! - MB 80 C & MB 80 A Electric Air Pumps for Rafts  
    Our most compact and lightweight 12 volt pumps for raft and inflatable boat inflation.

    The MB 80 C is a compact 5" x 5" x 5" electric air pump that comes with battery clamps.  The MB 80 C will pump up to 1.1 psi and will deflate as well as inflate your Water Strider raft or inflatable boat. Rafts or inflatable boats will have to be topped off to higher inflation requirements with a hand pump.  To increase the life of the pump, stop the pumping action when the pump motor changes the pitch noise.  Don't over work an electric pump if you want to achieve good performance.

    Item Name: MB 80 C Electric Pump
    with battery clamps
    Shipping weight: 4 lbs.
    Price: $49.95