• Food Safe ROPE and PULLEY

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    Food Safe ROPE and PULLEY If you are camping in bear country you should stow all your food at least 15 feet about the ground, preferably between two small trees.  Use this rope and pulley system for raising your food cache high and out of reach of the most persistent bear or other camp invading critter.The Pulley is heavy enough to swing and throw over a high limb then allow the pulley to come back down and then thread the end of the rope through the pulley and pull lit back up aginest the upper limb and just tie the bag to the end of the rope and pull up to a secure height and tie the rest around the tree and you are now safe to go.

    100 ft 3/8 rope

    Item Name: Food Safe Rope and Pulley
    Shipping weight: 5 lbs.