Enrico Puglisi's PowerFull Premium Tippet Material


PowerFull Premium Tippet Material

Our thanks to Enrico for his efforts to have the product again.

"The PowerFull tippet material is a fantastic value. I have used them all, frog hair, seaguar and a host of others. I can honestly say that PowerFull is as good or better than any of those $15.00 a spool products. I appreciate the savings." Dennis Goodlin
Enrico Puglisi's PowerFull Premium Tippet Material is the best leader tippet material I have ever used.

A friend, Ed Schroeder, in Fresno, California told me about it and gave me Enrico Puglisi's phone number. I called him immediately and had him send me some. He express mailed me some and I tried it. "Wow" is what I said.

When you fish sharp hooks are a must but if your tippet material is weak you will break off easily. This is fly fishing talk, so bear with me for a moment... I fish a lot with very small dry flies and the hook will pull out or bend on a large wild trout most of the time or the tippet material will break and of course you loose your fish. PowerFull is the strongest tippet material on the market.

Look at this:  The first six fish I cast to with this tippet material I hooked and landed. I set the hook and hauled them with no break-offs. I'm not kidding. Get some of this material before you fish again and you will see how this amazing tippet material works for yourself.meter spools from 50 meter spools from size 4x to 8x.

Order now and land a lot more fish this season! Price: $$6.95 per 50 meter spool.

NEW!! Item Name: Tippet Material
50 Meter
Shipping weight: 2 oz.