"Your boats are fantastic and Owen and I have had many enjoyable hours fishing with them. I have a five and a half metre boat and we blow them up and throw them on the back. We can move around a lake all day trying different spots.
If I had one day to live I would prefer to spend it in Fiord land on a perfect sunny day float boating the bush edge with a dry fly!"

Kind Regards....Jim R

Yesterday I hiked it up bear trap canyon on the Madison and had a spectacular day catching 18-22 inch rainbows in the middle of huge caddis hatches.. the boat allows you to get to places where nobody else fishes.
The boat handles extremely well, and I'm totally confident even in big water.. (although I will not run the kitchen sink rapid --class V -- I'm confident but not foolish..) it's easy to maneuver quickly in pushy water, easy to ferry across big water, and I'm impressed with how solid the rowing is.. last week I floated the Yellowstone with gale force winds blowing upstream, and had to pull hard the whole way down.
Can't wait to do some backcountry adventures with the boat..
looking forward to many years of fun..

Best, Geoff Stephens