K-Pump Kwik Check Pressure Gauge


This is a perfect salutation for rafters and people with inflatable's. The Kwik Pressure gauge is the brain storm of Jim Kutella of K-Pump. You can now know just how much air pressure you have. Under inflation is a serious handling problem and over inflation is also a problem with some inflatable's. The Kwik Pressure Gauge is small light and accurate pressure readings this is a great tool for everyone on the water with an inflatable. Having the right air pressure gives you durability and performance.

 The Kwik Check Gauge works on Leafield, Halkey-Roberts, Summit and most "knock-off" valves. It's versatile, very easy to use, durable and priced right.
Item Name: Kwik Check Pressure Gauge
 Shipping weight: 1 lb.
ice: $37.95