L V M Hi-Speed Pump


LVM Electric Air Pump for Rafts

Operating from a 12 volt battery the Hi-Speed is a high
quality unit for the rapid inflation and deflation of rafts and inflatable boats. It will inflate a typical four man raft in as little as 50 seconds and deflate it, quickly removing air from the raft for easy storage. The Hi-Speed is lightweight, robust and easy to use. Pre-lubricated, sealed bearings for long life use. Small enough to fit into your jacket pocket!

Hi-Speed Pump Specifications
20 cut/min
2.6 psi
25 max.
1.6 lbs.
550 liters/min
0.18 BAR
.75 kg
Cable length 10 feet (3m) with battery clips

Item Name: LVM Hi-Speed Air Pump
Shipping weight: 3 lbs.
Price: $165.

Never operate LVM with vehicle motor running - it can overheat the pump due to a higher volt output.

Using this pump continuously for more than 10 minutes can cause it to overheat. Please allow cool down time between boats.