• "Bravo BTP 12 Volt Digial Electric Air Pump with Ni-Mh Battery and charger

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    Item Name: BTP 12 Digital Electrical Inflator With Ni-Mh Battery Pack and Charger
    Shipping weight: 10 lbs
    Price: $325.00


    - Power supply 12V DC
    - Maximum absorption 20 A
    - Maximum pressure 1 bar / 14.5 psi
    - Maximum flow rate Turbine 450 l/min Piston 160 l/min
    - Weight 1.7 Kg
    - Dimensions 290x100x150 mm

     Long periods of use can cause overheating and damage the product.
    Do not use for more than 20 minutes continuously.

    1 From the supplied fittings, select the reducer that engages and opens the valve of the inflatable structure.
    2 Insert the selected adaptor on the braided joint on the end of the tube.
    3 Tighten the adaptor on to the inflation side of the inflator (OUT).
    4 Connect the terminals paying attention to the polarity and press the (power) button: the digital panel will come on.
    5 The power supply must be within the range of 8.5-13.5 V, otherwise the inflator turns off automatically. In this case, the left or right LED flashes depending if the power supply is too low or too high.
    6 If you want to change the unit of measurement, press the (MODE Kpa, mbar, psi, bar) button with the tip of a biro.
    7 Enter the maximum desired pressure using the two (SET PRESSURE -/+) buttons.
    8 Press the (START) button. The inflator operates in two stages which can be identified by the noise of the turbine at the beginning followed by the piston. The inflator switches from turbine to piston automatically.
    9 During inflation, the digital panel shows the pressure that the inflator has reached. As soon as the entered pressure has been reached, the inflator turns off automatically.
    The inflator can be turned off at any time by pressing (OFF).
    ATTENTION: Protect the inflator from sand by keeping it in the bag provided: if sand gets into the inflator, it could get JAMMED.
    1/2/5 As above.
    3 Tighten the adaptor onto the deflation side of the inflator (IN).
    4 Connect the terminals and press the (power) button: the digital panel will come on.
    6 Press the (START) button.
    When the inflatable is completely deflated, switch OFF the inflator immediately to avoid overheating the motor.
    The inflator has a filter compartment under the inflation chuck (IN).
    - We recommend to keep them clean for the inflator to be longer lasting and more effective.
    - Loosen the two screws blocking the inflation chuck (IN).
    - Lift the chuck and take it off.
    - Clean with compressed air or replace if it is too dirty.
    The inflator is guaranteed for 2 years.
    In case of claims do not touch the device and send it free-destination to Scoprega S.p.a. – Ningbo Bravo or directly to the seller.