• Back Packer/Hunter YELLOW JACKET Portable Electric Fence Kit


    Protect you and your camp from predators. Total weight is 6 pounds and is modular packed so you can put it in small pocket and easily carry it in a day pack or backpack. Comes in a Water Strider water bucket.
    Easy to carry and also to have water for camp and to make sure the ground is wet when you set it up.
    Ideal for Hunters and Fishermen and Backpackers or anyone camping in the great outdoors. Operates on 4 D-cell or 6 volt or 12 volt battery (not furnished). Very easy to use and quick to set up. A full instruction manual is included. Maximum output is .25 Joules. This will put the old Griz on the run.

    Back Packer/Hunter Kit Contents:
    1 B10L1 fence controller
    1 Water Bucket (holds everything easy to carry)
    4 Screw in insulators
    4 Three piece fence posts with wire clips
    1 250 foot of electric fence wire with Stringliner winder
    1 Universal Fence Tester
    1 Package of nylon cord (100’)
    1 package nylon cable ties (10)
    1 10 foot insulated ground wire.
    1 10 foot hot flag tape to make the wire visible to others.

    Yellow Jacket Specifications
    Battery-powered 8,000 volt low-impedance bear repellent electric fence kit

    • 3 battery options: 4 D-cell flashlight batteries or 6-volt or 12-volt external batteries; pulsed DC output (1-second intervals)

    • 0.28 stored joules; 0.25-joule output at 400 ohms

    • Extremely portable and easy to use

    • Built-in ground-rod strap

    • Built-in fence-wire strap

    • 500 feet of wire

    • 3 position switch: on 1, battery-saver mode; on 2, maximum output; off

    • Digital timing

    • Fence lamp flashes when operational

    • Weather-resistant nonconductive casing

    • Repairs in minutes

    • Built to UL safety specifications

    • Batteries are not included